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November 20th in Astronomy and Space Science
Birth1889American astronomer Edwin Hubble born. He was the first to measure the distance to another galaxy, proving that Andromeda was a galaxy like the Milky Way, only much further away, not a nebula within our own galaxy as had been previously thought. By measuring the distance to other galaxies he proved that the rate at which they were receding was directly proportional to their distance. This supported the theory that the universe was expanding, and when combined with the theory of relativity, lead to the conclusion that the universe began in an incredibly compact mass thousands of millions of years in the past. Thus the science of Cosmology was born. Because of its potential to further our understanding of the origins of the universe, the most powerful scientific instrument today carries his name: the Hubble Space Telescope.
Invention1943Jet Propulsion Laboratory founded in Pasadena, California.
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